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The perfect Safaris this close to Cape Town

Interested in going on safari while visiting Cape Town? There are several excellent “Big Five” wildlife parks and reserves within the surrounding areas of Cape Town.

Safaris in Cape Town include private game reserves in the Western Cape, which offers easy access from the Winelands to the great karoo region. Guests are able to visit any of the reserves for simply just a day or quick overnight from Cape Town. Most of the private game reserves below offer luxury accommodation, good restaurants, swimming pools, sunrise and sunset game drive in a safari vehicle. The wildlife you’ll see has been moved from other area. It’s not the Kruger National Park, but if this is your first time going on a safari, you’ll definitely enjoy it. All reserves in the surrounding areas of Cape Town are free of malaria.

Big 5 Safari

Discover the amazing African Big 5 Safari

within a 10 000 Hectares Reserve

Big Five safaris near Cape Town are a popular request from visitors and residence of the mother city. Who wouldn’t want to visit Cape Towns beautiful beaches then decide to go on that ever daring Big Five game-viewing adventure.

Why not visit a game reserve near you and learn more about Africa’s most love safari animals.

Luxury Lodge

Luxury accommodations to enjoy fully your safari.

From Family to Ambassador

If you are interested In Luxury accommodation that suites your budget look no further. Iziba Safari Lodge boasts luxury accommodation options that suit all budgets and requirements.

Sourcing only the finest local ingredients, the safari lodge presents delectable meals served around the pool, and under the stars at night. Come and Join us!

Cheetah Interaction

Be close to the fastest animal on earth during a while.

Exclusive Cheetah Encounter

Live a once-in-a-lifetime experience by meeting cheetahs. The reserve has rescued 14 cheetahs, many have a heart-warming, and sometimes heartbreaking stories. The handlers will share it with you during a walkabout with Iziba and Velvet, the two tame cheetahs.

It is also possible to attend a cheetah run and observe the incredible speed of these animals.


Several projects have been implemented to preserve species.

Saving wildlife for the next generation

An reserve involved in the survival of species. Rhinos are hunted because of their horns which have, supposedly, aphrodisiac properties. Thus, to make it useless for poachers, all rhino horns are treated and coloured.

Cheetahs are also preserved, 14 have been rescued and many of them are tamed or semi tamed.

Booking your Safari close to Cape Town

Safaris Tour, is dedicated to provide you with your own chance at experiencing the incredible city as well as the great wildlife it has to offer. The Karoo has a wide variety of activities and attractions that can be found.

We pride ourselves in offering a diverse range of wildlife and safari tour packages ensuring that no matter who you are, we have something for you! This means that your every need will be met, ensuring that you make the most of Cape Town, safaris and wildlife … The Jewel in Africa is the Big Five, come and meet them…

Overnight Safari

zar2250per person
  • 3 hours Safari
  • Lunch, Dinner and Breakfast
  • Luxury Accommodation
  • Optional Cheetah Interaction available

Day Visit

zar1575per person
  • 2.5 hours Safari
  • Welcome drink, Safari (evening or morning)
  • Optional Cheetah Interaction available

Discovering Africa’s Wildlife in a Luxury Lodge

Ever imagined finding Africa’s most remarkable animals or going on a 5 STAR safari? Africa is recognized for its attractive landscape and fascinating wildlife, in particular being home to the Big Five.

This is your home, your gateway to the best African experiences with Africa.


Luxury Accommodation

Cape Town gives you loads of great experiences for the entire household and we will help you choose from a range of highly sought after accommodations, safaris and animals to discover in the African continent.

Go on and find your ideal safari accommodation.

Guest Reviews

“Wonderful experience”

It wasn’t my first trip at Inverdoorn, but once again I had a very good time there.
The area is so beautiful and quiet. You can’t be stressed there, a perfect place to disconnect.
The pool area is delightful on a sunny day after a nice outdoor lunch and before the first safari (I stayed overnight).
Unlike any zoo or other game reserve, you see what you can see, animals are free, relaxed (especially when it gets hot, we do the same, right?). We actually go with the ranger into the game reserve, looking for animal. Not only talking about the safari, the ranger was also telling about African stories, food (caterpillars), plants etc. that really was a cultural immersion. Good sense of humour made everyone in a good mood.
The food was great, the accommodation divine and very confortable.

Inverdoorn was a real break, an unforgettable experience. If you go there, don’t forget to have a look at the sky by night, so beautiful…

The + is the rehabilitation programs run at Inverdoorn. To help the cheetahs, save the rhinos, elephants, lions…from terrible human activities (media industry, trophy hunting, horn poaching…)

I highly recommend Inverdoorn.

Caro B, Trip advisor
“Breathtaking experience”

The first safari guided by Erica in Inverdoorn is something we will not likely forget. What a great experience to see the animals so close by. And the guides all have good knowledge of the animals, their natural habitats and behavior. The rides are beautiful, not in the least because of the wonderful surroundings. The first drive we were so lucky to get very close to the giraffes, the elephants, the lions and the cheeta’s. This particular park keeps animals for several reasons. For example the lions were “adopted” from a place where they used to be bred and fed for ‘hunting’. One of the elephants used to work in the movie industry, until he wrecked the set and he found a home here. And the cheeta’s, well: there are only 6000 left in the world, with such a poor gene pool, that it is hard to breed them and expand the numbers again. Probably that the experienced safari traveler may not be impressed by this set up, yet we found it a wonderful experience.
The place is very nicely set up, with nice and clean cottages, good facilities in the rooms, and a breathtaking surroundings; star gazing at night is a must 🙂 The food is good and the staff is so very friendly.
We have read some disappointed experiences of other travelers here on TripAdvisor, however we do not recognize that at all. We would definitely want to go back.

Bosmana, Trip Advisor
“Really impressed”

Being based in Cape Town for a few weeks, I took some care researching weekend Safari options. I was aware that in this part of the country it is private game reserves rather than truly wild, open national parks – but didn’t want the experience to feel artificial, or like a zoo. I’m so glad I chose Inverdoorn. The 2 game drives (4:30pm and 6:30am) were wonderful. The area is enclosed but so big it doesn’t feel that way. Seeing the cheetahs run and having the cubs come to breakfast was an unexpected bonus. Accommodation even in the cheaper guest house was super comfy and clean. Food was also very nice and plentiful. All the excitement gave me a huge appetite. Also cannot forget to mention that these guys do vital conservation work. It was a wonderful experience.

ksscott, Trip Advisor

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